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Seen Motors Transportation Services Broker (referred to as “Seen Motors”) is a Sole Establishment company registered in Dubai by Department Of Dubai Economic Development under license number 936882. The registered address is PO Box 238798 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


The Customer must provide the copy of the car registration and their ID / Passport upon signing the contract.
All Seen Motors Packages are based on service and labour charges only and do not include any spare parts cost. Spare parts cost will be additional and will be agreed and paid by the Customer after completion of the service but prior to the vehicle delivery.

Seen Motors Packages are valid for 12 months counting from the moment of receiving the payment for chosen Package by Seen Motors.
Seen Motors Packages are non refundable.
The Customer can upgrade their Package at any time. The new Package will be valid for a period of 12 months counting from the moment of the purchase of the initial Package. The difference in the price shall be paid in cash or via money transfer within 7 (seven) days from the moment of signing the new contract.

The Customer cannot downgrade the Package they initially have bought.
The price of the Package is a starting price roughly estimated on an average car / usage of the car. The exact price will be presented to the Customer after the initial inspection carried by Seen Motors expert mechanic engineer.

Seen Motors provides one month of warranty on all the maintenance services / labour services. Based on the United Arab Emirates law Seen Motors does not provide the warranty on any spare parts.
Any services or maintenance of the vehicle outside of the Seen Motors garages will effect on immediate cancellation of the service warranty provided by the contract. If the Customer decides to repair / maintain the car in the garages non – approved by Seen Motors, the car will not be under the Seen Motors’ warranty anymore.

Seen Motors does not provide any warranty on any initial mechanical / electrical failures / issues and on any chassis, suspension, car accident related failures / issues that had happened to the car before signing the contract with Seen Motors.
In case of any car issue / failure appears within the initial inspection before starting the car repair / maintenance Seen Motors expert decides to send the car to one of the approved partner garages to carry further maintenance.


The Customer is requested to grant permission and ensure the following, prior to handing over their vehicle to Seen Motors:

  • To remove all personal belongings, accessories that do not belong to the vehicle.
  • To remove any new or used spare parts from the vehicle that are not relevant to the current repair work being carried out.
  • To declare any pre-accident damages and repair done on the vehicle in and or outside to help Seen Motors to identify and diagnose accurately.
  • To ensure the vehicle is insured against loss or damage, in the event of an accident, fire or flood on road or at Seen Motors premises. Seen Motors will take no responsibility, compensation or repayment for the afore mentioned.
  • To agree and allow Seen Motors employees to conduct test drives before and after requested repair work on RTA approved public roads.
  • To carry out a complete check of your vehicle for any declared discrepancies or damages mentioned in the job card. Seen Motors will not take any responsibility for any discrepancies or damages at the point of hand over if the same has been mentioned and marked in the job card.

Understanding the complexity of a repair job, there are possibilities that Seen Motors may come across additional work to be done on your vehicle which could not be identified during the initial estimate due to lack of access. Additional work required under those circumstances, an additional estimate will be provided along with parts and labour for approval prior to Seen Motors proceeding. The initial estimate should not be considered as the full and final estimate.

A full advance payment for parts will be required if any spare parts that require online purchase from outside of the UAE have to be ordered. These prices may vary from the estimate to final invoice based on the currency exchange rate on the day of the order placed.

Estimates provided in certain cases, may not include shipping and custom duty charges, these charges can be calculated only after online purchase confirmation and physical delivery of a part to Seen Motors. These charges cannot be pre-determined and will be charged directly in the final invoice.

During the work process, if there’s a halt in work on a vehicle due to customer request or change in work description and / or non-availability of spare parts related to the revised work request a parking / storage charge of AED 100/- will be charged on a daily basis till the work is scheduled to restart.

All works / jobs carried out on vehicles will be closed and invoiced at the end of the current month. Prompt payment of an invoice is required to resume work on the pending jobs for the following month.

Vehicles not collected within 7 (seven) days of work completion notification, a storage fee of AED 100/- will be charged on a daily basis.

Estimation of inspection charges would be applicable for vehicles that have been inspected, estimate generated and work not carried out at Seen Motors.

Due to non-availability of spare parts locally or internationally, there is a possibility of delay with work completion and scheduled delivery date of your vehicle. Seen Motors cannot be held responsible or liable in such circumstances.

Selling the car under the valid contract

If you sell the car serviced by Seen Motors your contract will remain valid and active. You will have three options to choose from:

1. You can transfer the current contract onto your new car automatically. The inspection of your new car will be carried out by one of our experts to check the condition of the vehicle and offer you the updated conditions of the contract.

2. Your current contract can be held and frozen for 30 days and then transferred onto a new car.

3. Your current contract my be held and frozen for more than 30 days if you decide to buy a new car through Seen Motors and it will be transferred automatically onto a new car.


All the Packages prices are the starting prices and may vary depending on the vehicle age, brand, mileage and condition. After carrying out the initial inspection of the vehicle the final offer will be presented to the Customer.

Seen Motors offers three Packages:

1. Seen Steel starting from AED 3499,00 /- per rolling year
2. Seen Carbon starting from AED 4999,00 /- per rolling year
3. Seen Titanium starting from AED 6499,00 /- per rolling year

The Packages include as follow:

1. Seen Steel Package:
• Annual RTA test
• 80-point check up every season
• Full detail, body polish and interior disinfection
• Mechanical and electrical failure assistance and support including free pick up and delivery
• Free evaluation while purchasing a new car
• Support and advice while selling the current car

2. Seen Carbon Package:
• Annual RTA test
• 80-point check up every season
• Full detail, body polish and interior disinfection
• Mechanical and electrical failure assistance and support including free pick up and delivery
• Free evaluation while purchasing a new car
• Support and advice while selling the current car
• 24/7 road side assistance
• Free consultancy while buying and selling a car
• Free car evaluation while purchasing a new car (up to three cars per year)

3. Seen Titanium Package:
• Annual RTA test
• 80-point check up every season
• Full detail, body polish and interior disinfection
• Mechanical and electrical failure assistance and support including free pick up and delivery
• Free evaluation while purchasing a new car
• Support and advice while selling the current car
• 24/7 road side assistance
• Free consultancy while buying and selling a car
• Free car evaluation while purchasing a new car (up to three cars per year)
• Free minor services (oil, oil filter and air filter change) and vehicle inspection

RTA test

Seen Motors does not provide any warranty regarding any car issues during the RTA annual test. Seen Motors provides the warranty only on labor services for one rolling month counting from the moment of the end of the car maintenance.

The customer has to inform Seen Motors at least 10 calendar days in advance before the end of the car registration expiring date. All the costs of: tests, re – tests, repairs, spare parts regarding the RTA test shall be paid by the Customer. Seen Motors does not take the responsibility for paying any additional fees, costs or charges that may occur during the RTA test process.
Seen Motors offers carrying out a pre-test before the RTA test. When any discrepancy discovered in the vehicle by Seen Motors experts that may affect the final result of the RTA test, the Customer will be informed. Seen Motors may provide an express temporary solution in order to the vehicle pass the RTA test.

After passing the RTA test the Customer is required to bring the vehicle to Seen Motors experts to carry out the proper and final maintenance of the temporary fixed issue / parts in order to provide full serviceability of the vehicle and avoiding cancellation of Seen Motors’ one month warranty on labor services.

Free 80-point check up

Free 80-point check up is carried out every 3 rolling months (4 times per year) counting from the date of signing the contract with Seen Motors. The check up includes free AC gas refill if it is necessary to do so. The comprehensive inspection report (including all details such as: brake pads remaining percentage, tyres condition, body / chassis situation etc.) will be delivered to the Customer after the check up. The report will consist of information as follow: a necessary / urgent maintenance that should be performed as soon as possible, important maintenance but not urgent (to be performed within a month or two), important maintenance but possible to perform on a later stage (within six months; decision about carrying out the maintenance is up to the Customer). All the above maintenances have to be carried out in one of the partner garages in order to keep the one-month warranty on labour services provided by Seen Motors.

Free full detail service

Free full detail service is provided once a year (rolling year counting from the moment of signing the contract with Seen Motors) and includes: interior cleaning, engine bay cleaning, trunk bay cleaning, body polishing and interior disinfection. All of the above has to be carried all together. There is no possibility to divide the mentioned services included in the package.
The Customer has to inform one of the Seen Motors experts at least two weeks in advance (14 calendar days) if they want to book the full detail service.
Any polish scratches, interior scratches / breaks, thorn materials or fabrics that had happened before taking the vehicle by Seen Motors expert are the Customer’s responsibility.
Seen Motors provides the basic interior cleaning which does not include removing deep severe stains on the seats and carpets. Seen Motors does not take any responsibility for old leathers, steering wheel, gear knop and hand break handle.
Seen Motors provides the basic body polish which does not include scrubbing and clay bar.
Seen Motors does not take any responsibility for old cracks that may occur / become bigger or more visible during the process of polishing.
Seen Motors washes the engine bay on the Customer’s responsibility. If the Customer refuses to take the responsibility, Seen Motors refrains from performing the cleaning.
If any mechanical and / or electrical and / or parts failure happens during performing the full detail and polish service to any of mentioned: hard top, soft top, sun roof, moon roof, window lifters, door soft closing, trunk electric opening mechanism Seen Motors does not take any responsibility for any of the above.

Mechanical and electrical failure assistance and support service

The free delivery (recovery) and road assistance is provided once a month (rolling month counting from the date of signing the contract with Seen Motors). Any additional road assistance deliveries are free of charge when the total cost of the maintenance is AED 1000,00 and above.  
                                                                                                                                    The vehicle can be picked up / handed over at two chosen by the Customer addresses mentioned in the contract. The pick up / hand over is offered from Sunday to Thursday between 10.00. to 18.00.
The recovery fee will be included in the quotation.

Free evaluation while purchasing a new car

Free evaluation service is provided once a year (rolling year starting from the moment of signing the contract with Seen Motors) for Seen Steel Package Customers and three times per year for Seen Carbon and Seen Titanium Package Customers. The evaluation of any additional car is extra charged and it costs AED 349 per one car evaluation.

Seen Motors needs to be informed at least 48 hours prior a possible car inspection / evaluation before purchasing a vehicle. Bookings should me made at: [email protected] or / and +971 50 40 15 359. Vehicle evaluation can be carried only during working days (Sunday – Thursday) from 10.00. to 18.00. in Dubai only.

Evaluation carried in any other emirate will be additionally charged based on the distance, location and time (traffic, rush hours, days of the week etc.).

Seen Motors does not take any responsibility and gives no warranty if there is any AC gas leakage or battery draining and / or similar issues that need time to be diagnosed.
The car evaluation provided by Seen Motors to the Customer is valid only at the day of carried inspection. Seen Motors takes no responsibility for further possible issues or mechanical failures of the inspected vehicle.
Seen Carbon and Seen Titanium Package Customers are entitled to receive up to three cars evaluations per year. All the above conditions apply.

24/7 roadside assistance (in Dubai only)

The assistance will be sent as soon as possible to the Customer under the mentioned address and its time of arrival may vary and it depends on: the current availability of the recovery, traffic, rush hours etc.
Roadside assistance cannot be carried out in any other emirate. This service is applicable to Dubai emirate only.

Free consultancy while buying & selling a car

Free consultancy service is provided once a year (rolling year starting from the moment of signing the contract with Seen Motors). The package includes a free check up of the Customer’s car intended to sell, evaluation of the vehicle price and its condition.

Seen Motors provides a free consultancy while purchasing a new car that includes: suggesting an appropriate car for the Customer that matches their needs and criteria.
If the Customer is willing to meet one of the Seen Motors experts in person to carry out the consultancy process, the booking in advance is required.

Free minor services

Free minor services package is provided twice a year (rolling year starting from the moment of signing the contract with Seen Motors). The package incudes as follow: oil change, oil filter change, air filter change and the vehicle inspection (lights, suspension, suspension bushes, coolant, break pads etc.).

Oil, oil filter and air filter prices are included in the package and are not extra charged.
Seen Motors expert will inform the Customer about the oil specification before starting the car maintenance. If the Customer wants to upgrade the oil, they need to inform the Seen Motors expert in advance. 


One of Seen Motors approved service agents / valet drivers / recovery drivers will collect and deliver the Customer’s vehicle. Seen Motors’ free collection and delivery service is applicable once a month if the total maintenance bill is AED 1000,00 and above. The collection and delivery service is applicable only to Dubai territory and does not cover the territory of any other emirate.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Second or any following pick up / delivery service within the rolling month is charged additionally (the recovery fee or the valet service including the insurance is paid by the Customer).
The driver will arrive at the agreed location the Customer provides at the time of signing the contract and will carry out and onsite inspection / damage report which once checked the Customer must sign to confirm (“pick up / delivery form”). This report will be sent to the Customer via email.


Payment must be made either in cash directly with one of the Seen Motors experts or online via money transfer. At the time of signing the contract Seen Motors will only charge the Customer for the service package. Seen Motors’ service packages do not include parts and these incur an additional cost. Once the vehicle check up has been carried out, Seen Motors will send the quotation for the parts and the price for any additional work the Customer’s car requires.
Personal or business cheques are not accepted.
Once the payment is made, Seen Motors will send the confirmation notice to the Customer via email within 24 hours from receiving the payment.
After the inspection of the car carried by one of the partner garages before repairing the vehicle, Seen Motors will send the quotation including all the expected expenses to the Customer.

After accepting the proposal the Customer shall pay an agreed percentage of the maintenance value before starting the maintenance process. The percentage is estimated based on the value of the spare parts and labour charge and it starts from 50% of the total value of the quotation. The remaining percentage shall be paid accordingly depending on the project.
The Customer has one week (7 calendar days) to pick up their car counting from the moment of informing them of the car readiness by Seen Motors. Any additional day of keeping the car by Seen Motors is extra charged AED 80 per day for parking fee and has to be paid by the Customer upon handing over of the car. 


Seen Motors offers original / brand new spare parts only. Seen Motors can use used / duplicate parts upon the Customer’s request but without providing the one month warranty on the labour services counting from the date of the handing over the car after the maintenance.


Every service contract with Seen Motors will be governed by UAE law and any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with it shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the United Arab Emirates unless the physical inspection of the car takes place in a different country, in which case it will be governed by that respective country’s law and any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with it shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the country we operate in.


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From the date and time of collection to delivery and handover Customer’s car Seen Motors is responsible for any parking, speeding and any traffic fines. Seen Motors is not responsible for any road traffic accidents that take place while the Customer’s vehicle is in its possession. Any possible accidents expenses will be covered from Customer’s car insurance.
Any traffic fines will be reimbursed after investigation.


Seen Motors

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Telephone customer services on +971 50 40 15 359


Refunds and cancellations will only be allowed before seven days of the service date. If you cancel anytime less than seven days leading up to your service date then no refund will be provided. For cancellations and refunds please email [email protected] with the subject field as refund and cancellation along with your name and vehicle registration number.
Refunds will be made onto the original mode of payment and will be processed within 10 to 45 days.


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