Corvette 1965
The American Dream

The Corvette Stingray is commonly described as the America’s only true sports car.

The 1965 model underwent only subtle refinements in styling that enhanced its elegant and unique looks.

This 1965 Corvette Stingray model was fully restored in the USA in 2013 and was imported into Dubai in 2015.

The car has done 12 000 miles on the clock so far. It is running with the MSD electronic twin injector. The carburettor has been swapped into an electronic injection system. The AC has been upgraded with a bigger evaporator due to the UAE climate. The mechanical radiator fan has been exchanged into 13” electric fan in order to cool down the engine and condenser. Minor electric issues like: electric windows lifters, pop up lights have been fixed. In 2019 the gearbox was repaired: the clutch unit has been changed and the engine oil leakages have been fixed.

Finally it’s time to take care of the exterior of this beauty and pay more attention to some interior details to enhance its luxurious character.

At the moment the Corvette is under the maintenance. The body of the car will be repainted in a proper way: first the body will be detached from the chassis to do a full body soda blasting. This process is needed in order to remove all the primers and reach the base part of the original fibreglass. Seen Motors wants to bring back the original Glen Green Corvette colour.

Apart of the body repainting, the chrome job will be done and all the interior bolts will be changed.

BMW E30 325i Convertible 1987
The icon of the 80’

This BMW E30 is one of the signature Seen Motors projects.

The project included a wide range of works: starting from the body itself, through the engine transmission and brake system and ending with the suspension. All of the above has been modified into custom wide-body fibreglass Rieger body kit. The body kit itself has been modified into wider front fenders. Front suspension has been modified into E46 M3 with wider axels. Minor modifications on the rear fender vents have been made. Two rear seats have been removed and the Bolton roll cage has been put in order to have a better handling and avoid body twisting (which is a very common issue in the BMW E30 Convertible).

The car was designed as a SpeedSter and it became the first and only E30 SpeedSter in the world.

The front seats have been changed into Porsche 911 turbo seats. The body has been changed from 4-seater into 2-seater SpeedSter – the soft top has been swapped into a smaller one due to this major change.

The steering column has been modified into E46 in order to have a comfortable way of driving the car. The steering column angles are already adjustable as there are in E46.

The engine has been swapped from E34 M5 S38B36 along with the 5-speed gearbox (modified driveshaft – different length – 3.15:1 differential, custom radiator).

Front suspension has been swapped into E46 M3 along with the coil over. Shock absorbers, lower arms, modified lower arm bushes and rear suspension has been modified into Z3M E36.8 along with the coil over.

Brake system
Front brake system has been modified into E92 M3 brake discs. Rear brake system has been modified into Z3M brake discs and callipers.

Front: 19” x 10.5  Rear: 19” x 13

Front: 235 x 30 x 19 Rear: 315 x 25 x 19

A/C system
Condensers have been modified – two condensers located behind the front bumper on the side.

Jeep Wrangler 2018
The spirit of the military

The Wrangler is the original go-anywhere, do-anything vehicle that still has the spirit of the original military Jeep of World War II.

This 2018 model in Sting-Grey colour became another Seen Motors project when it comes to exterior enhancement.

Candy coloured in a non-metallic grey this vehicle blends with certain high profile members of the animal kingdom. Whether the drivers plan on rolling with the rhinos or chasing elephants they will love the unusual flat yet shiny surface of the Sting-Grey colour on the Wrangler.

This Wrangler did not have a chance to hang out with rhinos or elephants – it became an urban member of busy Dubai roads. Since it doesn’t have to blend with the surroundings to become an integral part of the landscape – we decided to enhance its rebellious looks and make the car more distinctive.

Seen Motors team decided to play around with the “dead” Sting-Grey colour and give it a bit of a unique character. The team came up with an idea of putting candy bronze / mahogany / dark gold accents on the paint and some of the car parts. Since this particular colour was chosen, the team members spend couple of hours blending different paints to obtain this one of a kind colour.

The team decided to paint some of the plastic elements like: parts of the mirrors, Jeep side logo, panels, and fuel filler cover. The rims, grill and side small grills were painted as well.

The most interesting thing that has been done by our team is putting on-sides removable strips. First the strips were painted with the same paint and then they were placed on the car body. This method gives an extraordinary possibility to customize the car whenever needed by simply removing the stripes.

From now on the car will certainly not be passing the Dubai roads unnoticed.